The Magic Fog (single)

by Wheel On

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released March 27, 2014

Lyrics by Fionnán O'Connor
Music by Wheel On

Adam Berger, guitar
Brendan Cohn-Sheehy, keyboards
Nate Salman, vocals
Jake Vogel, drums
Elan Weingarten, bass

Recorded and Mixed by Elan Weingarten
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering

Recorded at and in memory of Cloyne Court Cooperative, Berkeley CA

Cover art by Charlie Lucas



all rights reserved


Wheel On Berkeley, California

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Track Name: The Magic Fog (ft. Nate Salman)
The musky wonder I’ve inhaled
Will have to last me all the year—
For when I breathe it back I swear
It reeks of grief and carbon-fear.

And yet it swells to be expelled
And, if I swallow back too long,
It pulls my throat through vacuum wells
Imparting vapors as we pass
‘Till all my wonder turns to gas
And I exhale the magic fog.

O wont you jump through the magic fog
And taste the barking of the dog?
The static yelp, the misty frost
Of all of we who fumigate
The feelings we have felt and lost.

There’s elsewhere on the other side.
It’s lathered through my painted voice.
—A wonderland for mouthless eyes
That never saw their fellows
In the distance of some flickered choice.

So will you jump through the coughless cloud?
Will you wrap those eyes in the wide dim shroud
Of yours, which still might make them out,
And name them with your mystic voice?

But if you leap in that stuttered-up mist,
If nothing else, remember this:
Once you phase across that place
You may inhale some different gas
And, as you breathe from space to space,
You may diffuse your portal back.